The Next Paradigm for
Web Development

Introducing the world’s first Client Application Server, a revolution to how web applications are built across all types of devices and businesses.

The XIOS/3 cloud platform is ideal for enterprises to facilitate modernization projects of their IT environment, putting business, employees and customers ahead of previously complex and expensive IT constraints.

The unique and patented technology also makes it possible to utilize processing power from the end users device, reducing the burden for servers, to increase the user experience for application end users world-wide.

Unique & Patented

XIOS/3 is a unique and patented cloud platform used for developing and distributing web applications. XIOS/3 maximizes the user experience and speed of business web applications and allows for a facilitated transition of legacy systems into a modern, cloud-based environment.
Increased Business Agility

By abstracting common development tasks with already built-in functionality, XIOS/3 introduces a whole new dimension of business agility. With XIOS/3, design, user experience and resource efficiency comes before development complexities and constantly re-inventing the wheel.
Utilize Client Resources

XIOS/3 leverages client computing resources to reduce the burden for servers. XIOS/3 is capable of running all application logic on the client, not just parts of it. The result is truly scalable web applications with minimal latency, that works world-wide, even if network connection is lost.

Find out through the links below what XIOS/3 can do for your business.
Or visit, a live demo of various web applications build using XIOS/3.
Showcasing how multiple applications can work together in the same user environment,
with global scalability from one data center in Sweden.