The Next Paradigm for
Web Development

Introducing the world’s first Client Application Server, a revolution to how web applications are built across all types of devices.

The technology makes it possible to transform code into reusable building blocks that can be used in all future projects or sold to others.

XIOS/3 also enables global reach for Software as a Service applications, from one single data center.

Less Code

XIOS/3 abstracts common development tasks resulting in less code writing.
One solution works on all platforms and devices.
Reusable Code

Building applications with XIOS/3 result in larger and reusable building blocks of code.
Code that is 100% reusable for future projects.
Plug & Play

Components are plug & play.
Making it possible to reuse or resell code with certainty that it is compatibile with other components.

When developers bring in random code they find on the Internet combined with their own code and multiple frameworks they often end up in a situation were the code does not work as intended on some browsers, that some components are not responsive and adapting to mobile devices etc. There is also a problem of supporting many different browsers on different platforms and in turn several versions of the same browser on different platforms. All of this requires extensive testing by the developer. The developer also has to write data binding and shuffling code within the client, by using XIOS/3 this task is relieved from the developer and automatically taken care by the XIOS/3 Client Application Server – allowing the developer to focus on the user experience.

The Client Application Server includes several larger building blocks that creates a foundation which removes the need to reinvent the wheel for every new application written using it. Application components are plug & play, there are no hassle in integrating components in to new projects or reselling them for extra profit. XIOS/3 also allows SaaS applications to work offline, allowing continued work even when the user loses connection. For example, during a flight or in remote locations with poor network connections. The leading thought has been to abstract as many common development tasks as possible, providing an unbeatable experience for application developers and users.
We call it Excellence from Start.

The Client Application Server

Make applications execute logic locally on the client without installed code.

Reduces the amount of servers needed by up to 66%,
and the bandwidth needed by up to 99%.

Global Reach

XIOS/3 applications have global reach from one single data center.
No more re-writing solutions to work with multiple data centers.

Applications with global reach scale to millions of users from day one.
Obtain more customers, without large investments.

Fewer server roundtrips and less bandwidth needed.
Applications run smoothly with great user experience even on poor networks.

XIOS/3 uses a unique Client Applications Server technology, shifting the execution of applications from the server side to the client, harvesting the client’s CPU. The Client Application Server makes SaaS applications to work offline, allowing continued work on for example a flight or over poor networks. It is as natural as using a server application server for writing back-end code, as using the Client Application Server for writing the front-end user interface code. It is also compatible with any back-end code.

The Client Application Server allows JavaScript and HTML5 developers to get an additional abstraction layer and continue to build apps with the technologies they already master – but with helping tools and components. XIOS/3 relieves the server of a tremendous amount of server requests and drastically reduces the network bandwidth usage.

This is possible since the small footprint of the Client Application Server (2 MB) together with code that describes applications is all that is loaded from the server. Then the Client Application Server starts to execute application code, it creates the verbose HTML5 and javascript code required to run the application directly on the client and mainly use the server for fetching new data or persisting data changes. Most of the other application logic is handled directly on the client without any server round-trips. Logic that requires server calls is typically authentication, loading user settings, processing large amounts of data or retrieving new data. All data throughout a user session is cached on the client, although when the user session ends XIOS/3 leaves no footprint on the client.

The end-result is that server requests are reduced by up to 66% and network bandwidth usage is decreased by up to 99%. This affects requests related to running SaaS applications, not additional multimedia content like graphics, audio and movies, which some apps heavily rely on. Typically ERP and business oriented applications experience a true performance boost from using XIOS/3.

Please contact us to learn more. Visit CloudTop below for a live demo of what can be built using the technology.
CloudTop is a customer of XIOS/3.