IT Modernization

The unique XIOS/3 technology platform is capable of facilitating the modernization and digitalization processes in any enterprise, with the possibility to revitalize and extend existing IT investments.

The XIOS/3 solution makes it possible to build a unified user environment on top of both modern cloud services as well as enterprise legacy systems, while not requiring any interruption in the day-to-day business. With XIOS/3 there is no need to throw away any previous IT investments, simply integrate and modernize the systems using our platform.

Integrate all
IT Systems

With XIOS/3 all enterprise IT systems can be integrated into one modern user environment. A transition that can happen i parallel with running the current systems as they are. Systems and users can incrementally transition into the XIOS/3 environment.
Decouple & Innovate

XIOS/3 decouples the modern user environment from complex underlying systems so that innovation and business agility is not hindered by IT legacy debt. Future modifications on either side can happen without interrupting the other.
Future-Proof IT Environment

XIOS/3 is the most efficient way to future proof the user environment for all enterprise apps, where adjustments and updates can be launched rapidly when needed, without complete redos. For example, phasing out legacy systems without changing the UI.

The major problem, often standing in the way of modernizing enterprise IT, is fragmented and disintegrated underlying systems and applications, so called legacy debt. These systems often consist of a variety of different software, all built over time, in isolation from each other and with different technologies. This makes the approach of trying to integrate all systems on the back-end very complex, and sometimes the only viable solution would be to rebuild everything from scratch, but for financial reasons that is not justifiable.

A new approach is needed where digitalization is not about expensive, complex and time consuming integration projects, but instead about business agility and ways to simplify and speed up the current modernization process. This is the XIOS/3 approach, with our patented platform we make it possible to incrementally transition existing systems and applications into a customizable and modern IT environment, meaning that there is no need to throw away any previous IT investments. Our approach allows companies to start benefiting from modernization projects immediately while keeping control over scope, cost and schedule throughout the process.

XIOS/3 is the next paradigm in building modern and cost effective line of business applications. We have the technology to bridge over any legacy debt and future-proof any IT environment, while reducing maintenance and costs for IT, increasing a company’s bottom line.
XIOS/3 puts the business, employees and customers ahead of previous complex and expensive IT constraints.

The Client Application Server
for Enterprises

The XIOS/3 Client Application Server include several built in functionalities to abstract otherwise complex development tasks while adding advanced functionalities that would be too time-consuming and expensive to implement otherwise.

The result is increased business agility and employee efficiency while enterprises reduce legacy debt issues as well as maintenance costs for IT.

Modern User Environment

With XIOS/3 it is possible to keep all legacy systems as they are and integrate them in the user environment. Building this user environment in XIOS/3 will give all applications a modern look and feel, where all apps have the same user experience.
Reduce Learning Curve

Having the same user experience and similar UI on all applications in the organization will drastically reduce the learning curve for employees and customers. Once you are familiar with one application you can easily work in several others.
Increased Efficiency

Reducing the learning curve and having all applications close at hand at all times will drastically increase employee efficiency. Minimizing employee idleness known from slow legacy systems will save substantial amounts of time each day.

Modernization projects are often about streamlining the business and making employees more efficient. With the XIOS/3 platform, enterprises can build a unified and modern user environment on top of their current IT systems. By having a user interface and user experience that is similar for all applications in the organization the learning curve for employees can be drastically reduced, facilitating the switch of work tasks or employee positions. It also streamlines the onboarding of new applications or services, since these can quickly be integrated in the user environment and have the same user experience as the rest of the applications in the organization.
The user environment can be quickly customized for different employee groups or customer segments.

The result is a very efficient way to future proof the user environment for the organization apps, where adjustments and updates can be launched rapidly when needed. Combining this with the ability to update and change the underlying systems without interfering with the daily business further adds to the agility of the enterprise. Also, by having all applications close at hand, removing the need to switch Operating System, hardware or screens, employee efficiency can be greatly increased. Just saving a few minutes every day, not having to switch between various disintegrated applications, result in substantial time savings for the entire organization. Time that can be focused on customers instead of computer idleness.

The democase of CloudTop below shows how XIOS/3 makes it possible to run multiple applications within the same user environment, where data can be shared between existing applications. CloudTop is built using XIOS/3 but the design of the applications is entirely up to the developers of CloudTop.com.