The Edge Application Platform

Build better web applications, faster & cheaper

XIOS/3 will leverage and increase the benefits of Open Source by facilitating code reusability, faster time-to-market & improved user experience of web applications, while lowering development & deployment costs.

XIOS/3 Overview

Save time and money, while building better applications.
XIOS/3 is designed for rapid development of apps in an online-first world. Any developer, software company and enterprise can use XIOS/3 to save tons of work.

The Future of Open Source

As software is inevitably moving online Open Source is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century.

However, Open Source components are not just plug-and-play, they require tons of custom code to become compatible. The idea of Open Source being free and easy-to-use diminishes to the fact that the majority of the work is reinvented in each application project. The result is often time-consuming projects costing far more than estimated and with far less functionality and features than anticipated.
With XIOS/3 this will change.

The XIOS/3 Edge Application Platform enables developers to standardize Open Source components into reusable & maintainable building blocks, eliminating the need to write custom integration code. Making great web applications a breeze to develop. Distributed edge cloud computing of XIOS/3 then allows web applications to utilize computing power in user devices, improving speed & usability while reducing the cost of providing them.

The idea is simple; build better applications, faster and cheaper than ever before.

XIOS/3 Benefits

The Complete Front-End Platform

  • Everything you
    need is included

    XIOS/3 includes everything needed for a complete front-end to web applications. No more scouting the web for a mix-match of tools and technologies, just grab the components you need, wrap them, and focus on delivery.
  • No more
    reinventing the wheel

    When wrapping JavaScript into completely reusable XIOS/3 components you eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel in each project, allowing you to build high-quality web applications with up to 70% less code.
  • Reuse what you've
    already built

    Components wrapped with XIOS/3 can be used again and again, in any project to come, to keep saving you time and money in the future. Declarative and automatic data-bindings allows you to focus on “gluing” together building blocks, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Applications with Great User Experience

  • Dektop-like features

    Most web apps today lack functionality known from installed software, like drag & drop, context menus or keyboard shortcuts. With XIOS/3, that and much more is included.
  • Apps for any device

    XIOS/3 applications will adapt to the device they are currently running on, all that is need is a standard web browser. No need to build different apps for desktop or mobile.
  • Maximum performance

    Unique Edge Cloud Computing capabilities of XIOS/3 will make applications run smoothly, and with great user experience, even on unstable networks or in remote areas.

No Developer or Platform Lock-Ins

  • Extend the platform

    XIOS/3 can easily be extended with your own code and components, whether it is something new you need or if you just want to include what you’ve built previously.
  • Backend agnostic

    As opposed to Low-Code, XIOS/3 applications are completely backend agnostic and can be hosted on any webserver of your choosing. There is also no compilation or building steps required to launch a XIOS/3-app.
  • Build with any IDE

    XIOS/3 does not require any specific development environment, use the one you are accustomed to or even a simple text-editor would do. We value your flexibility as a developer.

Integrate with Anything

  • XIOS/3 can consume
    any web API

    XIOS/3 is all you need for the front-end and it can also consume any web API, meaning that you can build a front-end to virtually anything with XIOS/3.
  • Modernize legacy
    software & systems

    XIOS/3 can be used to give legacy systems or old apps a new, modern look and feel without throwing away previous investments in core system architecture.
  • Integrate multiple
    systems & apps

    XIOS/3 can also consume API:s from several systems and apps, making it possible to integrate them into a homogenous user environment where things work together.

XIOS/3 Architecture

With XIOS/3 your apps will get rich functionality from scratch. Meaning that whether it is a public SaaS-app or internal enterprise solution, XIOS/3 will make your customers happy and your employees more efficient. Either way, high-quality software will increase your bottom line.

Up until now high-quality web applications have been complex, time-consuming and expensive to build and maintain, with XIOS/3 it is not. Build great online apps, fast and efficiently, that will not only cut your costs for IT, but also future-proof it.

Open Source is only free if time is worth nothing

Turn Existing Code into Valuable
& Reusable Building Blocks

The idea with XIOS/3 is as easy as it looks. Take existing code, or code you find online, wrap it with XIOS/3 and eliminate the tons of custom integration code otherwise required. XIOS/3 then takes care of all internal “plumbing code”, enables a very declarative way of building you application (i.e. saving even more time) and introduces automatic data-bindings so that your wrapped components work in any setting, now and in the future. Applications built with XIOS/3 will also have software-like features and functionality available out-of-the-box, and unique Edge Cloud Computing capabilities will make applications run smooth anywhere in the world, even over unstable networks.

Batteries included

A Complete Solution

XIOS/3 is a complete platform for web application frontends, covering everything from what the end user sees and interacts with to internal application processes and logic, all the way to connectors to external services and backends.
In each layer new building blocks can be added by easily wrapping existing code or Open Source components, with the advantage that every wrapped component will work seamlessly with the rest of the stack. This allows for anything from rapid prototyping and full-scale development to expanding and adding more features and components as your application evolves.

MVC isn't just a talking point

Separation of Concerns, for Real

With XIOS/3 it isn’t just talk about the Model-View-Controller design pattern. XIOS/3 uses MVC as a guiding philosophy to achieve code integrity and reusability. The declarative view language to describe the look of an application is separate from a reactive controller language to describe functionality, and XIOS/3 can ensure that these are kept separate. At the same time views, controllers and models are all XML, making it trivial to dynamically generate any of them.

The XIOS/3 Team & Advisory Board

XIOS/3 is a true deeptech company with 18 issued US patents and 8 million USD invested to date in R&D.

The management team have backgrounds from, for example, the development of Opera Software’s cloud based web browser, Opera Mini, and exits to Apple, Microsoft and Western Digital.

The advisory board consist of people with great industry knowledge and the ability to contribute to the company both strategically and through their large network of contacts.

Management Team

Advisory Board


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