The Next Paradigm
for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation should be simple, efficient and risk free. XIOS/3 will help you cut corners to make your Digital Transformation smooth.

Whether you want to build a new solution or integrate the IT-systems you already have, XIOS/3 can be used by you or your favorite developer organization.

Application & System Integration

XIOS/3 is designed with integration and innovation in mind. Through XIOS/3 all your IT systems can be combined into something bigger than what they are on their own.

XIOS/3 makes your systems work for every employee, instead of creating barriers, maximizing your business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

XIOS/3 also gives you an optimal overview of project goals, schedule and budget, with no risk of your IT projects disrupting your current work environment.

XIOS/3 is designed to reduce the barriers for Digital Transformation and allow any company to take advantage of the XIOS/3 technology to become more efficient and innovative. We know that most companies today are not IT companies, even though their businesses depend on it, so in today's digitized world it is a tough and expensive struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation. By using XIOS/3 your organization will quickly become more agile and innovative, without complexities.

A major problem, often standing in the way of true innovation and business efficiency is the fact that most companies use software and IT systems that can’t communicate with each other. Employees work in separate systems, with different functionality, look and feel for different tasks. To keep switching between software, and struggle with moving or sharing information takes time, time that could be better spent on the business and customers.

Many companies dream of having a single IT environment for their employees to work from, where they can access all the applications and data they need, but until now that kind of integration meant complex and expensive IT projects. This is what we change with XIOS/3.

The XIOS/3 solution is simple. Our technology makes it possible to quickly build a unified user environment on top of your current systems and applications in an efficient and risk-free way. An integrated user environment that can be customized to your business needs, to boost business agility, efficiency and innovation throughout your organization.

Integration with XIOS/3 puts business, employees and customers ahead of previously complex and expensive IT constraints. With XIOS/3 your IT will work for you, not the other way around.

Develop New Software Solutions

We have built the world’s most efficient tool for developing high quality business web apps from scratch, because with XIOS/3 there isn't really a “scratch” to begin with.

With XIOS/3 you build from a solid foundation, packed with rich functionality and components, thanks to our unique Client Application Server.

The Client Application Server makes it as easy to build high quality business software, for an online world, as putting together a website using HTML.

No other company in the world has built anything similar to the XIOS/3 Client Application Server and it makes open source frameworks seem like building a sports car with your bare hands, down to every piece of the engine. While with XIOS/3, you’d already have a state of the art engine fit for your car and probably all other components you might need as well, already available.

Using XIOS/3 when you develop new solutions gives you great usability and a software like user experience, without any acutal development complexities. Most things are already abstracted by the Client Application Server which gives you better solutions with minimal development complexity at a minimal time-to-market. Build high quality software just as fast as a regular website using HTML.

XIOS/3 applications also become extremely scalable and resource efficient. Thanks to our technology the solution you build will utilize computing resources in the user's device so the burden on your servers, or your hosting costs, will be minimal. XIOS/3 applications work world-wide from one single data center location.

XIOS/3 can be used in your current development environment and if you have built anything previously in another framework, it can easily be included into XIOS/3. If you think there are any components missing you can quickly develop new ones, modify the existing ones or include what you've developed previously in another framework. The idea is that no previous investment should go to waste. What you build will also work on any device, formfactor and operating system from one single code base.

The Perfect Tool for Consultancy Organizations

XIOS/3 is your competitive edge in an otherwise crowded market. With XIOS/3 you can offer your customers innovative solutions and boost their Digital Transformation with tools that get the job done efficiently and with high quality.

The technology is designed to give you a minimal time-to-prototype and time-to-market, while everything you develop will become reusable in every project to come, further speeding up your development process and increase your margins.

The threshold to start using XIOS/3 is minimal. XIOS/3 can be used in any regular development environment, as a compliment to other tools and frameworks of choice. What you've built previously can also be included into XIOS/3.

When you combine the powerful development tool that is XIOS/3 with the advantages of how XIOS/3 can integrate multiple resources, systems and applications, both internal and external, in an organization the technology becomes ideal for any development or IT consultancy organization.

The code required to build high quality business applications with XIOS/3 is minimal, and so is also the threshold to get started. With XIOS/3 you'll have a minimal time-to-market or prototype and many common development tasks are already abstracted, giving your customers great solutions and high delivery dependability.

XIOS/3 introduce a whole new level of component reusability. Everything you build using XIOS/3 can be reused without any major modifications in every project to come. This means time spent on developing one solution for a customer is time spent on components that can be reused in every future project, further minimizing time-to-market.

To summarize: XIOS/3 can start as a compliment to the tools you use today, maximize your development efficiency and give you a competitive edge. The XIOS/3 technology will increase your customer satisfaction and your revenue, either you develop something completely new or integrate your clients legacy systems.

The XIOS/3 Team & Advisory Board

XIOS/3 is a true deeptech company with 18 issued US patents and 8 million USD invested to date in R&D.

The management team have backgrounds from, for example, the development of Opera Software’s cloud based web browser, Opera Mini, and exits to Apple, Microsoft and Western Digital.

The advisory board consist of people with great industry knowledge and the ability to contribute to the company both strategically and through their large network of contacts.

Management Team

Advisory Board


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